College Council


Parent Members
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Community Members

Mamta Bansal

Shankar Selvarajhen


Kerry Clayton

Anthea Mallabone
(Featherbrook Community Kindergarten)

Louise Shaw
(Vice President)


Jenny Douglas

Dale Brown
(Assistant Principal)

Siv Kerishnan

Sunny Shah


Michelle Tinyou

Paul Bombaci
(Assistant Principal)


Kathryn Collyer        

Mehak Jain
Jessica De Bono

College Quotes

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

"The biggest gains in terms of learning productivity will come from mobilising as yet under-utilised resources available to the education system:children, parents, families, communities. That is the ultimate goal of personalised learning: to encourage children to see themselves as their own learning."

Charles Leadbeater

Knowledge that gives you no practical purchase on the physical and social worlds beyond school is pointless.

Claxton & Lucas (2015)

"For the 21st century student, learning involves a blend of the physical and virtual environments. Education paradigms have shifted to include online learning, hybrid learning and collaborative models."

Technology Outlook - Australian Territory Education 2012 - 2017