We are a ResourceSmart School!

Featherbrook College is proudly working towards becoming a sustainable school from the ground up! For the next 5 years, our school will work in partnership with CERES Community Environment Park to help us become an environmentally sustainable school.

The CERES team of dedicated and highly experienced educators will support Featherbrook College with the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable actions, professional development and resources for staff to embed sustainability in the curriculum, and a tailored environmental management plan. The delivery model uses the award-winning ResourceSmart Schools program to develop a whole of school approach and to maximise using the school building and grounds as a resource for learning about sustainability.

A customised program has been developed for Featherbrook College to ensure teachers, students and the school community are supported towards more sustainable patterns of living. This includes an induction on sustainability, facilitation of staff & student green teams, teacher professional development, and community engagement.

The program will help our school use less water, gas and energy, send less waste to landfill, increase our school grounds’ biodiversity, achieve financial savings, engage students in the environment, and involve families and other members of our school and local community as we aim towards achieving 5Star recognition in ResourceSmart Schools.

We look forward to sharing our sustainability journey with our school community and help contribute to a sustainable future for all.

For more information
ResourceSmart Schools program for PPP schools flyer (PDF)
CERES Community Environment Park
CERES Education website, The Sustainability Hub
ResourceSmart Schools website

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Claxton & Lucas (2015)

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Technology Outlook - Australian Territory Education 2012 - 2017