Statement of Purpose

Our purpose and endeavour is to support our students to be socially engaged, happy and healthy while growing and learning at school so they may engage successfully in future life challenges and opportunities. We have high expectations of self and others. Through partnering with the broader community, our students are well supported to build their skills and knowledge needed to thrive and participate in an increasingly complex and challenging 21st century society.

Our students’ personal success in learning involves developing a positive disposition to learning and the holistic development of self—intellectual, emotional, social and physical. Health and wellbeing, developing a sense of community and belonging, inclusion of all learners and honouring and celebrating diversity are vital to a strong society. Featherbrook College recognises these as being pivotal to our students thriving.

We Value:

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

We draw on the strengths of others to achieve the best outcomes and solutions.

We share ideas, workload and resources.

We participate in and contribute ideas to discussion and planning.

We value the role of all individuals in our team and respect their right to express a point of view.

We adhere to decisions reached by consensus.

High expectations for all

We hold the belief that all students have the capacity to learn.

We always strive to do things better

We strive to develop a deep understanding of the strengths, learning styles and capabilities of all our students.

We actively involve students as agents of their own learning through challenging and deep learning tasks.

We encourage risk taking, innovation and initiative in learning.

We establish clear expectations and build on the experiences and needs of all students.

Respect, inclusiveness and trust

We act at all times in an ethical manner.

foster a supportive and tolerant environment.

We value and appreciate the strengths and skills of others.

We treat all school community members equitably, justly, courteously and with kindness.

We value diversity and are inclusive.

Safe and secure learning environment

We ensure that learning spaces and the school environment is positive, safe, caring and purposeful.

College Quotes

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

"The biggest gains in terms of learning productivity will come from mobilising as yet under-utilised resources available to the education system:children, parents, families, communities. That is the ultimate goal of personalised learning: to encourage children to see themselves as their own learning."

Charles Leadbeater

Knowledge that gives you no practical purchase on the physical and social worlds beyond school is pointless.

Claxton & Lucas (2015)

"For the 21st century student, learning involves a blend of the physical and virtual environments. Education paradigms have shifted to include online learning, hybrid learning and collaborative models."

Technology Outlook - Australian Territory Education 2012 - 2017