Year 2 Swimming


For many of our students, this was the first opportunity they have had to leave school for a learning experience in a different environment. The students have enjoyed this experience greatly.

'I enjoyed learning new strokes such as freestyle' - Chloe 2C

'I liked diving under the water and getting the sinkies (pool toys) at the bottom' - Rudra 2D

'When we went down the deep end and learnt how to dive in the pool' - Chase 2C

'I have learnt lots of new tricks in the pool this week, I really liked learning new swimming strokes' - Diya 2D

'I enjoyed going on my first adventure out of school. I enjoyed the bus ride and being in small groups in the pool' - Kiyaan 2D

'I have learnt how to kick and float in the water. It has been so much fun' - Tanisha 2C