Another Week of Learning at Featherbrook


I watched with interest and immense hope, the way Prep students worked with teacher Sue Bradford, to co-construct a piece of text which supported familiarisation of high frequency words and exploration of letter/sound identification. Our early - reading students are well on their way to know the joy of reading. Read more to see what our other year levels have been up to this week in Maths, Physical Education and Food Technology.

Sometimes our mental model of mathematics is related to number and algorithms, but mathematics is all around us and the concepts related to measurement and shape, symmetry, flipping and rotating are equally as important as number sense. The human body is so relatable to students when exploring the concept of symmetry and it is clear that what may be abstract, becomes very real to our students when applied to the body.

With the House Athletics ( years 3 - 9) scheduled soon, Physical Education classes over the coming weeks will be featuring all of the track and field events that will be enjoyed by students. I enjoyed joining a class of year 4 students this week as their teacher Anthea Biddle was demonstrating how to 'put - the - shot'. Recognising that the 'shot' is to be pushed, not thrown, and how to ensure the technique reflects this, does require expert tuition and demonstration along with lots of practise. The students were very keen to apply their new knowledge about performing with the shot-put.

On Thursday, our Year 9 students were very helpful in playing their part to raise funds for the sensory garden that the college is beginning to develop on the southern side of the school adjacent to Regal Road. The students 'made to order,' toasties for teachers who chose from cheese, cheese and baked beans and cheese and spaghetti. Paying the princely sum of $2 per toastie, teachers enjoyed a toastie for lunch while also contributing to the sensory garden fund raising.

During the week, students in Food Technology were put to the test in making sweet pastries and custard, the latter being a food that many had not had the opportunity to experience making before. Speaking from a personal taste test, I can attest to the professional job the students did in making their pastries. They were fit to be sold in any cafe or to simply be enjoyed by the students' families. Well done!