Celebrating The Arts in Education Week!


In 2022 we mark 150 years of public education in Victoria and as part of the local celebration of this significant occasion, Featherbrook College was invited to participate in the Sanctuary Lakes shopping centre acknowledgment of Education week. When our students began to discuss this in their art classes, they could scarcely believe that there was a time when school wasn’t the daily routine for all children.

We collectively decided the art piece created should contrast the differences between school in the past and school today. Students used the art ipads to find historical images of schools over the last 150 years which we printed out on acetate in black and white.

Our artists then set to work creating colour images of what life is like in school today; we have pictures of digital learning, media studies, depictions of the ways we celebrate students through house tokens through to cooking, maths and everything else our students enjoy each day. These were collaged on top of the black and white images to tell the story of education over the last 150 years.

The artwork is on display at the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping centre until June 12. The display is set up outside Aldi, and voting is now live, so it’s time to get behind our artists to vote and show our support for their hard work.

In order to vote, a person must:

1. Visit the art display outside Aldi

2. Scan the QR code at the display

3. Fill out the simple online form and select your school’s name from the drop-down menu

I am sure you would agree that our Featherbrook College students have created some wonderful art pieces, so please take some time to have a look at the display at the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre.