Preps Reach 100 Days of School!


What better way is there to celebrate such a milestone than to dress up for the day and party with a 'colour run'. That's exactly what the Prep students and their teachers did to mark 100 days of learning.

There were so many wonderfully creative outfits and ways that our Prep students captured the number '100' to symbolise this important occasion.

The Prep spaces were a-buzz with excitement, colour and an awareness of day. Parents supported the day amazingly as was evident in the fabulous costumes the students were wearing.

There had been a build-up to this special date too because of the anticipation of the 'colour run' that had promised to make the day even more memorable. With much preparation and organisation by the Prep team, and with a plea to universe to not let it rain, the colour run was arguably the highlight of the day.

Our Featherbrook Prep students of 2022 have made wonderful memories that will remain with them for a long time! Congratulations Preps on reaching your 100 days of Prep!

A number of our secondary photography students played their part in capturing this special day and so armed with the tools of their trade, the shutter-bugs caught scores of images as the day unfolded.