Remarkable Art


The Visual Arts program is a highly prized one at Featherbrook. There appears no end to the creativity of our students who continue to amaze their teachers and all who view the displays.

Year 9 Landscapes

Students were provided with the opportunity to experiment and problem solve visual perception and visual language, utilising visual techniques, technologies, practices and processes.

Students learnt about the role of the artist, craftsperson and designer and their contribution to society. Students learnt about the relationships between the viewer and artworks and how artworks can be displayed to enhance meaning for the viewer.

To further extend these skills students completed both a portrait and landscape materials and technique study. Firstly they identified and discussed the portrait work of Dan Butterworth and looked closely at his methods completing a large scale mixed media portrait. Students identified and analysed their work and made connections between techniques, processes and visual conventions to develop their own art practice. Through their selection and manipulation of materials, techniques, processes, visual conventions and technologies, students expressed ideas and viewpoints in their artworks. Students then built on their knowledge and explored various mediums and materials to complete a canvas landscape painting using various artists' work as their inspiration. CONGRATULATIONS to all students for these amazing results.

Year 9 Textiles

Students investigated the properties, performance and uses of textiles in which fabrics, colouration, yarns and fibres are explored. Students investigated the work of textile designers and from this research made judgments about the appropriateness of design ideas, the selection of materials and of tools and the quality of textile items. Students were challenged to transfer knowledge to new situations and projects, building on technical skills and past experiences. Textile projects such as weaving, stitching and felting have given students the opportunity to be creative. Students were asked to take a landscape drawing and reproduce it with yarn and felt. I am sure there is agreement that the results of this relatively new addition to the program resulted in such fascinating pieces of art of which the students should be proud.