Sustainability Messages Through Art


Recycling, sustainability and raising awareness of the plight of our planet is a theme that is often explored by our students. Year 7 students have been researching, designing and creating art works capturing this theme. They have been using the properties of paper and techniques to represent their design. Students have cut, crimped, crushed, folded and contoured colourful paper to develop their design into images of endangered sea animals, comparative pieces depicting a healthy world and an unhealthy world while others have created city and sea scenes.

Sustainable art mural

Thank you to our wonderful Featherbrook College families who answered the request to help us collect plastic bottle caps and other recyclable materials including plastic bottles to contribute to an art mural. Art teacher Mr McKinnis has a considerable stock of these items now and we look forward to creating and sharing a memorable ‘sustainable art mural’ from your plastic bottle cap donations and other recyclable materials under the tuition of Mr McKinnis. Thank you FBC families!

Year 9 Design and Textiles

The college has recently acquired sewing machines and an overlocker to further extend the technology and design programs provided for our students. Once a sewing licence has been achieved, the students began to design, prototype and begin their sewn piece which range from a baby blanket, mask, tote bag to mention a few. I look forward to featuring some of the finished products in a future blog.