Toastie Lunches


Our Year 9 students are a very capable cohort of senior students. They are at a stage in their development where their organisational skills, communication skills, dexterity, enterprise and service to others becomes increasingly apparent.

To support their careers program the students elected to fundraise by making and selling toasties to students and staff. Over the last 2 Monday’s the Year 9 students organised the work area in the canteen to create a ‘toasties’ production line. Efficiently and collaboratively, the students managed to make 150 toasties last Monday for the Year 4 – 9 students and staff and today, made up 140 toastie orders for the Prep – Year 3 students today. A total of $600 was raised.

Congratulations Year 9 students. It is this sort of enterprise that enables us to celebrate our wide range of ages and year levels in our school and in this case, their contribution to Featherbrook College.