Update from the campers - Day 2


The following commentary has been provided by teacher James Symes who is clearly enjoying the camp experience as much as the students!

A bright and early start by some students started the day off with a rise before the sun. After a quick chance to rub the sleep out of the eyes, a breakfast of pancakes went down a treat. Topped with all the fan favourites such as maple syrup, jams and lots of butter built up the first round of energy for the rotations for the day.

Today the students were partaking in 4 different rotations that allowed them to run, sprint, search and once again laugh with each other as they trudged across Lady Northcote’s wide-open spaces. From the screams on the giant swing where “HIGHER, HIGHER” were the main phrases in students’ vocabulary to the shouts of “where is it?!” when completing their orienteering, it was clear that students were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was also a day of firsts for some students whom gave bike riding their first try, after the initial fear wore off and they found the awesome power of their feet they took off!

As this post is almost finished for the night, a quiet dinner is on the cards as all students seem to be worn out from their mammoth day, only to start it over again tomorrow.