Year 9 Science - Dissection of a Fish


Excitedly, our Laboratory Technician Ebony Wyatt came to my door this morning to inform me that this week in Year 9 science classes, the students would be learning the skills associated with dissection. She invited me to drop by and see the students in action; which I did.

Looking the part, all students were entirely engaged as I entered the science laboratory to find out how they were going with this first time science experience. Complete with science laboratory coats, gloves and scalpels, the students were using a step by step guide to dissect the fish with method and precision. I did ask a few of the students if they thought that a science laboratory could be a place they could work in, in the future; most were hesitant but felt that medicine could be an option.

The students were provided with the tools to be able to dissect their fish and to remove the innards of the fish to then identify the various organs. Students were intrigued and more than happy to learn the skills of dissection.